Get Involved

Our work takes time, energy and resources. We’re almost entirely made up of people giving us their spare time, save for one administrator who keeps on top of the less-exciting tasks that might otherwise distract us from spending time on the streets.

Attend one of our workshops

The preferred way of getting involved with Green and Black Cross is by getting trained as a legal observer or action medic. These ‘on the ground’ support roles form the lifeblood of GBC, and are often a first step towards more involvement in the group.

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Attend a local group meeting

If you’re unable to attend a workshop but have something useful to bring to GBC, you might want to attend your local group meeting.

» Find out about local groups

Give a donation

We appreciate that many people can only give us very little, if any time at all. We do have operational costs to cover, so giving us a donation is also a gesture of solidarity.

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