New witness appeal from Anti-austerity demo

We’re looking for witnesses and video footage taken on Whitehall on 9th May 2015.

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Key Advice when Going on a Protest

If you’re heading out on a protest, take a read of our key messages and download a copy of our latest …

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Stop and Search

The police have specific powers that allow them in some circumstances to stop and search you. These powers are used to build …

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What happens if I’m Arrested?

Don’t panic! Just remember our key advice: Make “NO COMMENT” …

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Bustcards are an essential item to take with you on a protest. They provide you with our key advice, information on stop …

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Our guides are designed to help support you in dealing with the police. We are not lawyers. The information in these guides …

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Making a Claim Against the Police

We are a voluntary group set up to support people who take part in protest. The process outlined below is the same …

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Lovely people, a quick reminder that GBC Legal Observers can't go to demos unless invited. At least a couple of weeks notice is best. Ta.

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RT @policemonitor: 2/2 targeted and/or badly treated by the police. Applies to race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability, immigration status: t…

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RT @policemonitor: 1/2 For those wondering why we're at the #TransJustice conference, our experience is anyone outside the norm is so much…