Action: Planning an Action?

How to give Police Station Support

Being arrested and held in police custody is unpleasant. This guide will assist you with supporting arrestees once they leave the police station, and will… Read More

Key Advice for Protesting in France

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Key Advice when Going on a Protest

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Laws Commonly Used at Protests

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Looking after your health on actions

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Obstructing Workplaces: Trade Union Law

Section 241 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act This power is for preventing pickets related to workplace strikes from disrupting work. However it… Read More

Planning an Action

Planning ahead will help keep you safe and confident on an action. Contact us early as early as possible to discuss how we can to… Read More

Police Liaison Officers

Just say no! Police Liaison Officers (PLOs) are police officers sent to gather intelligence and spread unhelpful messages on protests. They are sometimes tasked with… Read More

Protesting on Private Property

This guide goes through the main things to be aware of if you are planning a protest on private property. The police have the power… Read More

Stop and Search

The police have specific powers that allow them in some circumstances to stop and search you. These powers are used to build an intelligence picture… Read More

What happens if I'm Arrested?

Don’t panic! Just remember our key advice: Make “NO COMMENT” to all questions. Read More

What is a Legal Observer?

Legal observers are trained volunteers who support the legal rights of activists. They provide basic legal guidance and are independent witnesses of police behaviour at… Read More