Only contact us if your query is related to protest or political action. Please don’t ring the Protest Legal Support Line about other issues, we do not have capacity to help: contact a solicitor directly.

Protest Legal Support Helpline – 07946 541 511

Call us if you’ve witnessed arrests or police misconduct at a protest, or for advice on your rights if attending or planning an action.

Please do not reveal secret or incriminating details over the phone that may harm your case.

For information on the structure of GBC please see our Restart Public Statement.

GBC Collectives

Twitter: @GBCLegal
Facebook: Green & Black Cross

GBC Training Collective

Plan and deliver Legal Observer training.


GBC Resources Collective

Create, maintain and update resources.


GBC Local Groups

GBC Manchester

Twitter: @GBCManchester

GBC Cornwall



Legal Observers

Independent Legal Observer Network

Legal Observer callouts and coordination.


Court Support & Legal Questions

 Activist Court Aid Brigade



Have you been arrested or facing prosecution? Yes: Activist Court Aid Brigade 07946 541 511 No: Squatter? Yes: Advisory Service for Squatters 020 3216 0099 No: Got a legal question? Yes: Is it urgent? Yes: 07946 541 5111 No: Need Legal Observers for a demo? Yes: Email No: Want to train as a Legal Observer? Yes: Green & Black Cross No: Do you or your group want Know Your Rights training? Yes: Email No: Try a different flowchart

Secure Communication

We use the Protonmail email service to improve the security of our communications.

Sending an email is a bit like sending a postcard, easy to read as it passes through the delivery system, but messages sent between Protonmail, Aktivix and Greennet have an additional layer of security.

We recommend that you send us email from an account on one of these services.

Sending us an encrypted email can never guarantee absolute security. To learn more about encrypted communications see the guide on Tech Tools for Activism.

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