Legal Observer Workshop

Legal Observers are an essential part of the support we provide at protests. Whether they’re handing out key advice on bust cards, or finding witnesses for arrests, legal observers help to ensure that people protesting don’t face the legal system alone.

You can read more about what a legal observer is in this guide.

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You’ll often see legal observers at demonstrations wearing bright orange bibs marked “Legal Observer”. Despite having no official status, legal observers have a role recognised by bodies from the Courts to the United Nations.

Our standard Legal Observer training is very comprehensive, covering:

  • Police tactics
  • Stop & Search law & procedure
  • Arrestee support
  • Police ranks & command structure
  • How to provide good witnesses and nail inappropriate policing
  • How to get more involved with GBC

If you’re an experienced activist there will be parts you know already, but the depth we go into should give you more confidence and knowledge of how to deal with the police. Whether you’re in a group or attending as an individual, this extensive training offers you important skills to support activists.

The training lasts 4-5 hours, plus lunch break.

We aim to run Legal Observer workshops four times a year in London, and in other locations on request. To find out about upcoming trainings look at our events list and contact us. You can also sign up to our announce email list to be notified about planned trainings.