Action: Been Arrested?

'What's next?' - A Guide to the Post-Charge Legal Process

So you were arrested for protesting and the authorities have decided to charge you with an offence: what happens next? Being prosecuted can be a… Read More

DBS checks & being arrested on protests

The disclosure and barring service (DBS) is primarily used by employers to check whether potential employees have criminal convictions. Some jobs can request that… Read More

Demonstrations and International Students

This briefing deals with the risks to someone’s immigration status if they get into trouble at a demonstration. First, it is important to remember that… Read More

I've been Arrested! What Next?

It might have been unexpected, or you might have gone in knowing that the only way out was in handcuffs. Either way, an arrest can… Read More

My Friend has been Arrested!

Hearing that a friend has been arrested can be a scary experience. It is disempowering being unsure of what is going on, but there are… Read More

Police Station Support Guide

Being arrested and held in police custody is unpleasant. People often appreciate being met by a friendly face when they are released. This is a… Read More

Should I ignore Police Bail?

People arrested at protests often have unreasonable conditions imposed by the police when given bail, despite not being charged with an offence. It… Read More

Support for People going to Court

If someone has been arrested they may be released on police bail or they may have been charged with… Read More

Trauma and Emotional Support

We believe in the importance of mutual support in enabling sustainable activism. It’s easy to go from action to action without taking time to reflect… Read More

Urgent Appeals for Witnesses

If you were at any of the events below and are able to give a witness statement, please contact us. If you… Read More

What happens if I'm Arrested?

Don’t panic! Just remember our key advice: Make “NO COMMENT” to all questions. Read More

Witness to an Arrest or Police Violence?

Please write a witness statement as soon as possible after the event. If you’re a witness to something that’s happening right now, please stop reading… Read More