Coronavirus & Protest Law

The Coronavirus Act has introduced new police powers which have implications for protest. There are also changes to the way police interviews and court hearings are being conducted.

We are seeing widespread use of Coronavirus powers in the community, which are disproportionately being used against people of colour, and may be challengable.

For a general guide to the powers created by the Coronavirus Act in England & Wales, please see these guides from Bristol Defendant Solidarity.

The rest of this guide talks specifically about the implications of Coronavirus-related changes for protesters.

  1. Health – including face masks
  2. Coronavirus police powers and their use on protests
  3. Police interviews

Please note that Coronavirus related law is changing rapidly. This guide was last updated on 3rd June 2020

Poster reads: Let's look out for each other. Please think carefully before calling the police during this lockdown, particularly on young or vulnerable people. There are many reasons why people may be outside: 1. They have to go to work. 2. Home is not safe for everyone. 3. People from the same household are out together. 4. People are delivering items for vulnerable people. All of these people and others may NEED or have NO CHOICE but to be outside and can be HARMED if you call the police. Please look out for your family, friends, neighbours, and wider community - especially in these difficult times. If you're concerned about police behaviour you have seen, please contact: Netpol (, Twitter: @netpol), The Monitoring Group (, twitter: @MonitoringGroup), StopWatch (, Twitter: @StopWatchUK), LCAPSV (, Twitter @lcapsv)