Demonstrations and International Students

This briefing deals with the risks to someone’s immigration status if they get into trouble at a demonstration.

First, it is important to remember that most mainstream protest in the UK is fairly predictable, no one gets arrested and everyone is happy. However, there is always the risk that the police will decide to arrest people even if they personally are not involved in anything arrestable.

Before you go to a demo, you should think about the risks you are able and willing to take. This is important for people who do not have British citizenship, because the Home Office can be very draconian and has the power to revoke visas/deport people even for minor things. Challenging these government actions can be very time-consuming and costly.

In this guide:

  1. Marches and Kettles
  2. EU Citizens
  3. Indefinite leave to remain
  4. Tier 4 student visa
  5. What to do?