4. Psychological Prep

It is reasonable to prepare yourself for extreme boredom, isolation, bad food, frustration, mild sensory deprivation, distressing noises from other prisoners, a bright light on 24/7 and being kept under constant surveillance. Remember, you can only be held for up to 24 hours (except for some very serious charges – unlikely in protest related cases). If you’ve prepared for the worst you may be pleasantly surprised!

If you are perhaps expecting to be arrested, bring along a book. Chances are you will be allowed to take it to your cell.

You might also want to ask the custody sergeant for a pencil and paper to take to the cell.

Key Messages

  • No Comment
  • You do not need to answer police questions, so don’t.

  • No Personal Details
  • You don't have to give details under ANY stop and search power.

  • No Duty Solicitor
  • Use a recommended solicitor with protest experience.

  • No Caution
  • They admit guilt for an alleged offence that might never get to court.

  • What Power?
  • Ask "What power?" to challenge a police officer to act lawfully.