13. Challenge Your Search

More information on stop and search in our communities can be found at StopWatch

Y-STOP have an app which makes recording searches and registering complaints against the police quick and easy, you can download it at y-stop.org

If you wish to take a discrimination claim against the police, or otherwise challenge the police on your search, you can learn more in our guide on Holding the Police to Account, and then contact one of the solicitors on Netpol’s recommended civil solicitors list.


COVID-19 has lead to changes in policing & protest law which may affect the information in this guide. Please also read our guide to Coronavirus & Protest Law.

No Personal Details!

You are not required to give your personal details under any Stop and Search power.

Police forces are only required to record 7 items of information collected during a Stop and Search:

  1. Ethnicity
  2. Grounds for search
  3. Object of search
  4. Identity of police officer
  5. Date
  6. Time
  7. Place

You do not need to assist them by providing any information. We suggest you stay silent.