3. Resisting victimisation of protesters

Resisting police bail complements a defendants campaign and a wider struggle.

Being on bail results in people feeling that they cannot comment or campaign about their case. But, keeping up the pressure with more demonstrations and broadening them to link with other struggles will increase the political and logistical pressure against this police victimisation of protesters.

Defence lawyers are by training cautious about their clients saying anything that could harm their defence, and given the daft things some folk say you can see why. Fortunately, there are ways of conducting a defendants campaign that do not put individuals at risk.

A robust defendants campaign is a vital part of everyone’s individual cases, and defying police attempts to prevent future demonstrations by bail conditions is an important step towards this.

Our guide on ‘Defendant’s Campaigns’ will take you through the structure of a successful campaign.


This guide has been adapted from the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group (LDMG), one of our partner groups.