8. Once everyone is released

Sooner or later all arrestees are likely to be out of police custody. If the arrests have take place late in the afternoon or evening then this might be the following day (remember that people can be held for up to 24 hours without any additional authorisation).

Some arrestees might be held for longer “on remand”, which could be for a variety of reasons (eg. they might have refused to give their name or a verifiable address, be in breach of a bind-over or bail, have an outstanding warrant for their arrest, or have refused to accept bail conditions) in which case they will be held and put in front of a judge most likely the morning of the next week day.

Check with the legal support co-ordinator  that your figures match – ie. the number of people arrested equals the number released and you haven’t forgotten anyone! If you’re still up for it, ask if there are other locations that need police station support.

Scan or take photos of your notes and send them in to GBC, if possible using encryption. Even better, head home and type up your notes before sending them in. You’ve been awesome. Thank you.

Any Questions? Ring Green and Black Cross Arrestee Support – 07946 541511 – gbclegal@riseup.net.

This is an updated guide is based on the Activist’s Legal Project guide to arrestee support.

Key Messages

  • No Comment
  • You do not need to answer police questions, so don’t.
  • No Personal Details
  • You don't have to give details under ANY stop and search power.
  • No Duty Solicitor
  • Use a recommended solicitor with protest experience.
  • No Caution
  • They admit guilt for an alleged offence that might never get to court.
  • What Power?
  • Ask "What power?" to challenge a police officer to act lawfully.