1. Your role

Your presence outside the police station can have a dramatic impact on how the arrestee reflects upon their arrest, and is an important action of solidarity to support protest as a whole.

Simply being outside a police station to meet someone released from custody is often very valuable and appreciated. Even if you haven’t been held that long, it’s still good to have a friendly face greet you outside.

Your basic role as police station support is:

  • To greet arrestees as they leave the police station.
  • To offer something to eat and drink, and to help with transport and somewhere to stay.
  • To liaise with the legal support back office, the solicitor(s), and the staff of the police station to ensure that all those arrested receive the right support.
  • To pass on information about what emotional, practical and legal support is available.

Information on what support we offer can be found in the I’ve been Arrested! guide.

Key Messages

  • No Comment
  • You do not need to answer police questions, so don’t.
  • No Personal Details
  • You don't have to give details under ANY stop and search power.
  • No Duty Solicitor
  • Use a recommended solicitor with protest experience.
  • No Caution
  • They admit guilt for an alleged offence that might never get to court.
  • What Power?
  • Ask "What power?" to challenge a police officer to act lawfully.