Making a Complaint Against the Police

We are a voluntary group set up to support people who take part in protest. The process outlined below is the same regardless of the nature of your complaint. However, if your claim / complaint is not protest-related then further advice should be sought through a solicitor. Please do not phone us if your claim does not arise from taking part in protest. We will not be able to assist you.

Have you been a victim of police misconduct and want to know if you can do anything about it?

This guide will take you through the complaints process.

We recommend that as well as making a complaint against the police that you also make a civil claim to sue them for compensation through the courts. Although the complaint system and a civil claim are separate processes, they both have the same aim: holding the police to account.

  1. What can I make a complaint for?
  2. Making a complaint against the police
  3. Outcomes

Gathering Evidence

Your chances of succeeding in holding the police to account are better the more evidence you can get:

  • Video footage
  • CCTV footage
  • Witness statements
  • Photographs
  • Doctors note

So start gathering now!