07946 541511

GBC Legal Hotline / Arrestee Support (write the number on your arm)

Who are GBC Legal?

Firstly, Green & Black Cross Legal is NOT a law firm and has no connection to any specific solicitors. When we recommend solicitors it is because they have been recommended to us by other activists and are known to have significant experience in representing protesters. Click here for a list of solicitors with relevant experience.

Regardless of which solicitor you have in mind, we strongly recommend that everyone has the arrestee support number on them as we serve a very different function to that of a solicitor.

Arrestee Support phone line:
Our arrestee support number (07946 541 511) operates 24/7. Often people phone to seek clarification about they rights or to check the facts relating to the use of specific police powers.
More importantly, we also get calls from people who have witnessed arrests or police misconduct and brutality. We note down the details so that we can later attempt to match calls from people arrested/assaulted to those from witnesses. When necessary we also make appeals for witnesses via alternative media and social networks (such as our twitter followers). This is vital work and fills a gap which solicitors simply can not do as effectively as we are able.

Legal Observers:
During large protests we co-ordinate teams of trained volunteer legal observers who are out on the streets keeping and eye on the police and making notes about what they get up to. They regularly call into our 'office' so that we are able to direct them to where they are most needed. They are on hand on the ground to give practical advice to those experiencing difficulties with the police and also to speak to people who might have witnessed arrests or police misconduct. They are a visible reminder to the police that we are watching and will try to ensure they are held to account.

Other Legal Observing groups:
We work co-operatively with other Legal groups such as the Legal Defense and Monitoring Group, Fit Watch and others to try to ensure that protesters are armed with essential information about their rights, protecting their privacy, dealing with arrest, mounting a legal defence, making complaints or bringing claims against the police.
Many other groups are now printing and distributing bust cards with numbers of decent solicitors on them. It is great that this is happening as it is vital that everyone knows their rights and can access a decent lawyer.

We do this because we are also part of the struggle, not because it is our job!