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GBC Legal Hotline / Arrestee Support (write the number on your arm)

Green and Black Cross Legal Information

The Green & Black Cross legal team continues to support anti-cuts and student protests, providing legal observers on the ground, a 24/7 arrestee support line and follow-up advice for defendants and claimants.

Need support? Email us! gbclegal[at]riseup.net

Please give us as much notice as you can if you are emailing a request for Legal Observers. At least 1 week if possible, preferably 2, especially if it's going to be a large action.

Secure communications

We use the Riseup email service to improve the security of our communications. Email correspondence will normally be signed using our PGP key to confirm that it comes from us.

You can send us encrypted messages using our PGP public key. If we don't have a "trust relationship" with your key, you can ring us to confirm that the key linked to above is valid and hasn't been compromised. Of course, this doesn't give absolute certainty that we have a secure link - this can only be done by meeting us in person. To learn more about PGP take a look at the Riseup guide.

Have you been ID'd in a MET photo?

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  • Key Advice if Going on a Protest

    Download the 'Bust Card' Comprehesive [PDF] or Summarised [PDF]

    On your body write: Legal Support 07946 541511
    plus a solicitor with relevant experience.

    Take some time to prepare youself, you may find some of our legal briefings useful, in particular our stop and search guide.