3. What we need to support you

For many actions there is a back office co-ordinating police station support. You might have heard of the police station support role through posts on social media or emails sent out by people from within the back office, often Green and Black Cross (GBC) volunteers.

If you are unsure whether there is a back office, or who they are, give GBC a ring on 07946 541 511.

The back office will need a few pieces of information in order to support you down at the police station:

  • Your name and telephone number.
  • Your location and how long you can stay for.
  • Details of any interactions that you’ve already had with the police station front desk or solicitors.
  • Whether you have all of the information you need to perform your role or if you need anything dropping down.
  • Information on any other local supporters who might be able to help out with accommodation, transport, food, etc.

If there is no back office co-ordinating the support, you’ll need to look up numbers for solicitors, local police stations, a few local taxi numbers and information on local accommodation such as B&Bs.

Key Messages

  • No Comment
  • You do not need to answer police questions, so don’t.
  • No Personal Details
  • You don't have to give details under ANY stop and search power.
  • No Duty Solicitor
  • Use a recommended solicitor with protest experience.
  • No Caution
  • They admit guilt for an alleged offence that might never get to court.
  • What Power?
  • Ask "What power?" to challenge a police officer to act lawfully.