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GBC Legal Hotline / Arrestee Support (write the number on your arm)


If you are assaulted...

Stay calm. Avoid escalating the situation and risking finding yourself the one being done for assault.

Make a mental note of the description of the person who assaulted you and ideally their name/ID (write it all down as soon as practical). Don't forget to note down when and where it happened.

Look around to see who witnessed the assault. As soon as practical, get their contact details and ask them to write a brief statement about what they saw.

Especially look around for people with cameras who may have footage/photos of the incident. Even if they don't, they may have images of the situation a few seconds or minutes earlier which may also prove invaluable.

Take photos of you injuries as soon as possible and take more later one to show extent of bruising etc. Seek medical attention as soon as appropriate. (It is difficult to take a claim forward without medical reports)

Contact GBCLegal 07946 541 511. We may be able to help track down witnesses and can advise about solicitors and making claims against the police.