07946 541511

GBC Legal Hotline / Arrestee Support (write the number on your arm)


If you are arrested...

DON'T PANIC, being arrested is mostly a frustrating and boring experience, nothing more. You WILL be let out, typically after about 6 or 8 hours, although it may take longer.

You are entitled to have somebody informed of your arrest - please use this opportunity to let us know (you have our number on your arm right?). Give the custody sergeant your authority for information about your whereabouts and well-being to be disclosed to us when we call.

DON'T talk to the cops, even idle chit chat.

You'll need to give them your name and an address. You don't have to give them your date of birth but it may delay your release longer if you don't.

If interviewed, reply NO COMMENT to ALL questions. The interview isn't intended to find out if you are innocent, it is not the time to defend yourself. Interviews are when the cops try to get you to say something which will incriminate yourself or others. DONT HELP THEM!

You should NOT take the duty solicitor - if you feel you need the support of a solicitor at this stage then use on of the ones we recommend. However you'll generally get released quicker if you don't call a solicitor until you are released.

Check out the more comprehensive Defendants Guide to Arrest [PDF]

Also check out the possibility of making a complaint or bringing a claim against the police.